[For small groups of visitors / 1 group per day only] Tenku no chabatake restaurant

Tenku no chabatake restaurant is…

Picking green tea leaves and enjoy the them as tempura at Higashiyama tea field where is recognized as world agricultural heritage site. After eating Japanese traditional meals from Shizuoka area, we’ll teach you how to drink green tea deliciously.

highlights of Tenku no chabatake restaurant


Enjoy tea leaf picking in the fields near the symbol written “tea” in Awagatake.

It is an experience of tea field where local farmers have stopped production and reclaimed the devastated fields. From the tea fields, you can also see the beautiful view of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay below.


30-minutes hike from the tea fields to the top of Mt. Awagatake which is the World Agricultural Heritage site.

It takes about 30 minutes to climb the hiking trail. Please enjoy it as exercise before meals. Wild animals and plants such as endangered species can also be found along the way.


Visit the power spots and places where you can see great views at Awagatake!

A group of megaliths in a primeval forest that is said to have been descended by gods in the past Power charged at Iwaza and main shrine of Awawa shrine. Enjoy the superb view of Mt. Fuji at Awagatake World Agricultural Heritage Chakusa Terrace.


Enjoy fine dish using local tea leaves and seasonal ingredients!

Enjoy authentic fine dish using seasonal ingredients from Shizuoka, on the terrace with a view of Mt. Fuji.


The picked tea leaves will be made into freshly fried tempura by the chef.

Tea tempura, a unique dish from famous green tea area. The temprura which you picked taste unforgettable!


After the meal, a tea professional will teach you how to drink green tea deliciously!

If you know a proper way, you can drink tea very deliciously. Please try it at home!

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Plan Overview

Tour feeFor 8 or more people / 28,000JPY per person
For 3 to 7 people / 38,000JPY per person
For 2 people /48,000JPY per person
It includes tea leaf picking, meals, mountain terrace reservation, tea ceremony, tour, guide and insurance (special travel compensation).
Number of peopleMinimum number of participants: 8
Capacity: 20 people
Open time10:00〜14:00
Date of holdingEvery Mondays from April to November
※Exclude busy seasons such as Golden Week(April 27 to May 6), national holidays, and Obon(August 12 to 16)

〔Cancellation fee〕

Cancellation date10 to 8 days before7 to 2 days beforeThe day beforeThe dayAfter the trip starts
Cancellation fee20%30%40%50%100%

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